Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park

Sundanese became one of the surviving civilizations by preserving its culture. Despite increasingly dense land of Sunda land increasingly crowded and feels a bit of a touch of metropolis here and there, still stored local hospitality and tradition which timeless. Lembang area was still a prima donna as a family tourist destination. Various resorts were developed, such as Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park. Not just selling locations and landscapes, Dusun Bambu gives a richer and meaningful spirit of a bamboo park – one of the biggest bamboo park in West Java.

Area of ​​15 hectares under the foot of this Burangrang mountain is a result of the sincerity and effort that developed not merely for the commercial area alone. Having the background of an unkempt land, a group of Indonesian businessmen then unite a vision to improve the ecosystem chain on the land by making it a “paradise” and a bamboo plant conservation area.

Nature becomes a highlighted advantage, well-regarded in areas that hold ecology, education, ethics, aesthetics, economics, and ethnology (6E) as a guide. In addition to the concept of natural equilibrium, local genius loci- fiction becomes the second root of a regional project called Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park. The owner and the architect actually have realized that this “localization” is actually quite often used as the theme of a commercial recreation area. Sundanese local wisdom is considered as potentially as large as other areas to be developed so that it is applied to the masterplan area as well as the process of design and construction of buildings in Dusun Bambu.

In terms of architecture, this area into a showroom that displays the variety of Sundanese architecture. Characteristics of the foundations of Sundanese traditional houses, such as the home of Julang Ngapak and Badak Heuay, were then adopted together with land-based terracing systems and Sundanese soil retaining walls. Although adopting traditional architecture, contemporary alloys emanate from the architectural figure of Café Burangrang, and the bamboo material is a good binder of the soul as well as the whole body of the building in Dusun Bambu. The presence of material in the building is a material option that is not only unique but also sustainable.

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