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Dusun Bambu providing unique and extraordinary rooms, with a mix of natural ambiance for your unforgettable stay

Kampung Layung

Experience Kampung Layung's Sundanese spirit

Kampung Layung is a villa that you can rent as well as home to enjoy the natural beauty of Bamboo Village. What is interesting in these villas are named Sundanese Typical figures such as Sangkuriang, Kabayan, Nyi iteung, and so forth. From the outside, building the atmosphere of the past village really looks beautifull with the beauty of the parks that exist around the villa.

Kampung Layung

Kampung Layung - Bedroom View.

True Hospitality Hidden In Dusun Bambu.

The goodness of the Sundanese.

Your stay in Kampung Layung will always far from ordinary. Natural furniture, the thickness of Sundanese atmosphere and the cultural accent it served, will make your experience of staying here unforgettable. Your interaction with our employees will also be fulfilled with Sundanese atmosphere because that is where you’ll feel the true hospitality of Dusun Bambu.

Camping Ground.

Camping Ground

Where the eagle
like to spend the night

As the same suggests this area is the camp ground area. Visitors can enjoy with the natural situation of Dusun Bambu with a touch of adventure that blends with nature. In the eagle Camp Ground preapred a room that is covered with safe and comfortable tent. Do not miss also the BBQ facilities that make your night with the family more cheerful and exciting.

Camping Ground - Tent View.

The true experience of glamping

Comfortably blend into nature

This is where the stunning nature meets modern luxury. It’s a way to experience the untamed and completely unique parts of the world — without having to sacrifice creature comforts. You’ll still have everything you need for Wi-Fi, electricity, room service, etc. while spending the night with natural ambiance and stars above your head.

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