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The paradise of culinary lovers, every food you want to taste is available here in Dusun Bambu

Pasar Khatulistiwa

The place for unique souvenir and culinary.

Equator market offer some products with the best quality, such as fresh fruit and vegetables. Not just farm products, but also typical snacks Sundanese and souvenirs of the work of people around Burangranf mountain is in this market.

Pasar Khatulistiwa.

Pasar Khatulistiwa - Souvenir Shop.

Enjoying Jajanan Nusantara

All type of Indonesian snacks are here.

Now you can enjoy any type of Indonesian snacks and foods all in one place here in Pasar Khatulistiwa. Buy some traditional souvenirs for your lovely family back at home or just for you to enjoy in the later time.

Burangrang - Entrance Sign.


Dapur Indonesia. Serving Various Typical menu Nusantara.

Cafe Burangrang is a dining place in the heart of Dusun Bambu. With an ability of appoximately 600 people, Cafe Burangrang becomes a meeting center that can accommodate your social activities either from social gathering, family gathering, office meetings or just relaxing. Cafe Burangrang has a VIP room that can be rented for groups or large families.

Burangrang - Dapur Indonesia.

Dapur Indonesia

The perfect taste of Indonesian traditional food only found here.

Introducing a new concept of Burangrang Dapur Indonesia provides specialized tasty Indonesian foods in a new concept. Stylish interior paired with convenient restaurant atmosphere - Mt. Burangrang displays its beauty for your enjoyment as well. Burangrang Dapur Indonesia also provides venues for a meeting, "arisan", gathering, wedding and many other purposes. Can you resist dining at our place?


Lakeside lunch with authentic Sundanese food

Saung Purbasari are located around the lake face to face with Cafe Burangrang. The main function of this saung is also as a place to eat lesehan for you who want the situation of eatingclose to nature. You can dine delicious food from Bamboo Village by looking at the lake water combined with the backdrop of mountains that strecth as far.


Purbasari - Lakeside Lunch.

Authentic Sundanese Food

Tasty Sundanese cuisine for your whole family.

Savoring tasty Sundanese cuisine in a lovely private wooden lakeside cabana, who wouldn’t want that? Overlooking lush greeneries and a lake with numerous activities going on (traditional sampans, doughnut-shaped boats, etc), Purbasari is the perfect place to relax with the whole family. These cabanas are equipped with comfy cushion seats and pillows. There are lots of koi fishes of all sizes and colors to fed from the cabanas in the lake.

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