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Tons of activities and games which can bring cheerful moments for your whole family

Bamboo Playground

Making learning fun and enjoyable

If you wondered what kind of activity that you could do beside having fun in bamboo Playground? Well, we gladly inform you that we have a new place to enjoy! A bamboo house like tree house and everything made by bamboo, which you and your kids can use to have some fun games and team building.

Bamboo Playground.

Bamboo Playground - Rumah Pohon.

Enjoyable and fun learning

Help kids make friends with nature.

Providing cheerful atmosphere to ignite the spirit of learning inside your kids, physically and spiritually. Making your kids grow up healthy and possible to absorb all the best education and knowledge that nature can offer in their activities, here in Bamboo Playground.

Rabbit Wonderland.

Rabbit Wonderland

Alice Wonderland Come to Dusun Bambu

Rabbit Wonderland is one of the special rides built for you rabbit lovers or other cute animals, with the theme of Alice Wonderland, this place is a lot of attention from visitors who come, especially for children who are mostly fond of rabbit animals. There is also a beautiful spot that you can use to take pictures of selfie or with your childs and your whole family.

Rabbit Wonderland.

Paradise for rabbit lovers

Wonderland for hundreds of rabbits.

Spend your holiday with the cutest animal in the world. Not just one, but hundreds of them are ready to be your friends in Dusun Bambu. Play with them, take a selfie with them, take pictures of their cute rabbit house, and let those cheerful memories remain.

Kampung Ulin

Quality Time With Various Playful,Education Activities

Dusun Bamboo is back with another creative innovation. If you need a place where your family and you cand spend quality time with various playful, education activities, kampung ulin is here for you. We have tailored our playground solely aimed for creating unforgettable experience while venturing your adventure at Dusun Bambu.

Kampung Ulin - Entrance Sign.

Kampung Ulin - Ular Raksasa.

Feel your adrenaline rush or just having some fun

try out lots of activity that will make your heart pounding hard.

We got all the perfect activities for the whole family, so it will never a matter whether you like extreme activity but your family prefer some fun activity - here in Kampung Ulin everyone always gets the game that suits themselves.

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