Dusun Bambu Ecology

Dusun Bambu – A Unique Bamboo Resort in West Java.

Have you ever imagined a well-designed hotel and an exotic cottage constructed entirely from bamboo?

Dusun Bambu, located in the Burangrang foothills is impressively designed with the contemporary architecture and classical interior design from bamboo. The name of Dusun Bambu (literally means Bamboo Villages) was chosen to describe how rich and potential Indonesia is for its bamboo. Indonesia has more than 130 species variety of Bamboo and Dusun Bambu is one of the largest bamboo conservation centers in Indonesia that has 50 variety of bamboo in its collection. Dusun Bambu has manifested the philosophy of “Harmonization the knowledge of Sundanese traditional culture in one integrated area”. This philosophy is translated through the construction of Dusun Bamboo, which is designed with 6E’s concept namely Ecology, Economy, Education, Ethnology, Esthetics, and Ethics. So, it is not surprising that Dusun Bambu (Bamboo Village) in Bandung has become the talk in the Social Media such as Facebook and Instagram.

Ecology – Having a picnic, preserving nature.

Since Indonesia has more than 130 variety of Bamboo, Dusun Bambu intends to become the largest bamboo conservation center in the country. At the moment, there are more than fifty species of bamboo planted in Dusun Bambu. The management will ask the visitors to plant bamboo seeds and to be recorded in the database. In the future, the visitors will be informed of the progress of their planted bamboo trees. In 2009, the construction process started with the planting of a lot of trees in the 15-hectare lands used to be a sweet potatoes farm area. To improve the land fertility, the new irrigation system was fixed into the traditional Sundanese farming water system.

Economy – Dusun Bambu gives a value-added to the local economy.

The architect of Dusun Bambu adopts the green architecture and green economy which advocate the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle. More than fifty percent of used materials were used to construct the building. From 15 ha, only 5100 m2 or 3.6 percent of the area was utilized to build the cottage, villa, restaurant, café, playground and camping ground.

Since its soft opening in January 2014, the Park has already attracted many visitors, most of them coming from outside of the city. Not only has this site increased economic potentials for the locals, but Dusun Bambu aimed to become the landmark of Indonesia’s ecotourism. As stated by the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan, Dusun Bambu has complied with all the procedures required to build the site in the conservation area like in the North Bandung area.

Aesthetics – Artistic buildings and Installations

For those who want to visit the site, it is strongly advisable to come on weekdays as the Park and the traffic will be very crowded on weekends. From the parking area, there is a free shuttle service to bring the visitors to the reception area. On crowded weekends, you can skip this service by taking a five-minute short walk to the lobby and the main area: Pasar Khatulistiwa and Burangrang Café.

This will not only save up your time but also give a pleasant experience to see a variety of Bamboo plants during the walk through the bamboo bridge. Before reaching the lobby, you can take a picture in front of a giant artistic bamboo monument. A bamboo monument is a sophisticated installation representing how the management pays attention to the details to spoil the customers.

Ethnology – Preserving Sundanese Culture

To welcome the visitors, the teenagers dressed in black traditional Sundanese costumes plays the bamboo musical instruments in the lobby. The alluring and soft music is a perfect combination with the view of tall green trees, bamboo huts, Sundanese traditional houses, ducks wandering around, a pond with a bamboo tap and farmers working in the rice fields. The visitors can also enjoy some free and fun family activities such as bamboo archery, the traditional games of tandem bakiak (sandals on logs), playing kites, building bamboo train track, and egrang (walking on a pair of tall bamboo sticks) in Tegal Pangulinan. However, if you visit the park on weekdays, there will be no fun family activities and live music performance as it is only available on Saturday and Sunday.

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